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  1. Greetings-

    I am a retired Detective Captain from the Los Angeles Police Department. That is a long way from Gander, Egypt, Iraq, and Iran. I have investigated, reviewed and overseen investigations of thousand of violent crimes. I am very familiar with the propensity of governments to protect themselves and fight for the greater good. All government actions should stand an inquiry.

    One important reminder is that all investigations have errors and I mean all. Those who pick errors miss the essence of facts. Many people died in the U.S. Two were my fellow officers and we believe their death involves the Gander crash directly.

    There is not room to list all the information available but it is abundant relating to the Arrow Air 1285 Gander crash.

    You are right to look at matters that differ from OFFICIAL declarations.

    If you are still interested in truth you need not be an aircraft expert of any type. Google the following for a start:

    Arrow Air 1285 Gander crash;
    Arleigh McCree

    Here is a link for consideration.

    Remember investigating requires an open mind and a building of small and many parts.

    • Thank you for your comment. I doubt anyone will really know everything that happened with that crash, but I do try to read whatever information crosses my path. I will look at your suggested search terms. Thank you.

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