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This past week, you you have seen Newfoundland on the Discovery Channel show Expedition Unknown. Josh Gates was here with TIGHAR looking for the Oiseau Blanc on the Cape Shore.

The tail of a helicopter with barrens and hills in the background
The helicopter at the pickup point

Tomorrow, 18 June 2022, I’ll be back at Gull Pond to gather some information for a later expedition this year. Later on tomorrow, at 7pm, I’ll be at St. Luke’s in Placentia where TIGHAR will talk about the search and I’ll be available for questions, and hopefully to hear stories about Gull Pond.

A large poster with a black and white picture of Nungesser and Coli in the plane, and of Ric Gillespie pointing to a body of water. The text reads, The legend of the plane in the pond a public presentation and open discussion in cooperation with the Placentia historical society. When Saturday, June 18, 7pm. Where St. Luke's Anglican Church Banker's Road, Placentia. Admission Free.

The “plane in the pond” has been an enduring mystery for the area, and the more information people are willing to share, the greater chance we have at solving this!

A view of barrens and a pond under a blue, cloudy sky.
Gull Pond on the Cape Shore. Note the small island in the middle of the pond.

If you have stories of the plane at Gull Pond, please send me an email!

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