3 comments on “Review: The Challenge of the Atlantic: A Photo-Illustrated History of Early Aviation in Harbour Grace, Newfoundland by Bill Parsons

  1. Hi @planecrashgirl,

    I’ve been doing some recent research on early aviation in Harbour Grace, and Parson & Bowman’s book has been a nice source. However, there are a couple mistakes in the book – in particular the pictures relating to the “Columbia” flights. The photo showing a plane with registration number “NX 237” actually refers to the 1928 flight of Argles, LeBoutillier & Boll; and the plane showing the registration number “NR 237” (and the number “140” on the side), to the 1930 flight of Erroll Boyd & Harry Connor.

    • Hello Matt,
      Thank you for adding the corrections, it’s very much appreciated. I have not yet done much research in Harbour Grace, but hope to change that in the near future.

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