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  1. Good Day, my name is Bernard Gohier and was over the long range mountain back of Hawkes Bay, NL on a ski-doo trip this march 2016.

    Me and my friends knew about a WW2 crash site in the area and found the remain of the aircraft. It seem that some people of the area knew about it but cannot found any details about the accibent on the web.

    Are you aware of this event ?

    • Hello Bernard,
      No, I do not know anything about that site off-hand. If you can give me a few days, I can ask around and see if I can find out any basics about the site.

        • Hello Bernard,

          So I don’t have much on that crash, but I have been told that the Hawkes Bay crash is most likely RCAF Digby 739. The aircraft went missing out of Gander in July 1942 and found in the 1950s. In 1956 Search and Rescue from Torbay went in and recovered the remains. My informant, Mr. Hillier, has further notes and figures that should be a project for that he may look into further researching once his thesis on another crash is finished. If he ever comes out with more information (he often publishes in the Canadian Aviation Historical Society Journal) I will be sure to let you know.

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